Loman Company was founded in 1967 and was located in southern New Jersey.  It’s focus was on the Power Transmission Industry throughout the NJ, EPA, DE and MD area.  In 2000, Loman Company was purchased by long time employees Wayne Svetz and Bruce Shickora, who started working for Loman Company in 1994 and 1996 respectively.  Loman Company offices are now located in Pennsylvania with salespeople living and working in the territory they service.        

The founders of Loman Company forged a well earned reputation as being honest and hard working.  Those same traits serve as our guide today and allow us to retain long term relationships with both Principals and Customers.




We are proud to offer our promise to those who help make us successful:

To our Customers:  Loman Company will provide prompt, courteous and professional service lending our years of experience in the Power Transmission industry.  We will take the time to understand your needs and provide solutions that keep your company competitive in a worldwide market.   It is our hope that you will consider us an extension of your company.

To our Principals:  Professional, aggressive representation befitting our many decades of experience.  Loman Company will promote existing and new technology and provide detailed feedback from customers.wayne

To our Employees:  Loman Company will work to provide an environment that promotes successful selling and promotion from within.  We will provide the necessary resources and tools to assist each member of our workplace “family”.

To Ourselves:  Continue a tradition of representing Principals and Customers with integrity, and to build on a reputation of hard work, honesty and success.


Bruce and Wayne

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